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P-4 series – Flowers

These Delft wall tiles are based on original 17th century Delft tiles with richly decorated flowers.  They are decorated with ‘ox-head’ corner motifs and painted in a classic shade of blue.

The photos show the P-4 series painted on the ‘all-in mix’with the crackled finish and with pinholes. This is our base configuration, but of course it can be completely fine-tuned to your preferences.

16 unique scenes
All the scenes in this series are direct ‘copies’ of the scenes we found on a set of 17th century reclaimed Delft tiles. There are 16 unique scenes depicting a wide variety of flowers, such as a tulip, a Snake’s Head (Fritillaria), a Crown Imperial and many more. By offering you as many unique scenes as possible, you will be able to create an installation which will allow you to always discover something new. In combination with each scene being hand-painted, you will never come across tiles which are completely identical.

Pinholes in the corners; pinholes were part of the production process before 1860. The tile was cut out of clay and to keep it steady while cutting it, a wooden board was placed on top of it with two, three or sometimes even four pins entering the clay (and thus the tile). Adding this enhancement creates two of these pinholes in each tile. It contributes to the authentic and imperfect look and feel of the tiles.

Crackled finish; Crazing is a phenomenon that produces a network of fine cracks on the surface of Delft tiles (and other ceramics). It happens over time (decades, if not centuries). This enhancement is really a matter of taste, as many consider it to be part of the antique experience, while others prefer a tile without. If you are looking for an aged and imperfect look, it is very much worth adding it. It suits the P-4 series given the time period they are based on. 

How to order these tiles?
You can make a quote request on this page or contact us through our contact page by filling out the contact form or by sending us an e-mail. 

Product disclaimer
Our Delft tiles are made with traditional methods and hand-painted by up to five different artists, so minor variations in colour, size and design are common. We do not offer machine made perfection, but do offer a very high quality standard. It allows us to make sure that our tiles are suitable to use for all indoor installations with the charm and imperfections Delft tiles are known for. They will last for decades, maybe even centuries.


Inventory number P-4
Tile type Wall tile
Tile size (approx.) 13 by 13 cm's / 5.1" by 5.1"
Tile thickness (approx.) 0.7 cm's / 0.3"
Quantity per M2 / SF 60 tiles per m2 / 5.5 tiles per SF
Decoration technique Hand-painted
Number of unique scenes 16
Shade(s) of white Photos show the tiles on the 'all-in' mix (9 shades), but you are free to choose to work with different shades or mixes.
Shade consistency Read more about this on the product page of each shade of white
Decoration colour Blue or manganese. Custom on request.
Corner motif Ox-head - can be changed or removed.
Suitable for Walls, kitchens, backsplashes, ceilings, fireplace surrounds, fireplace interior (when not exposed to open fire), bathrooms, wet-rooms.
Not suitable for Floors, open fire, outdoors and swimming pools.
Sealer The tiles do not require a sealer from a functionality perspective. In wet rooms one may decide to use a sealer to prevent natural crazing.
Pricing per tile
VAT and/or Import duties Prices of the reproduction tiles are excluding 21% VAT (only applies to private individuals buying from within the European Union). Any order from outside the European Union is without VAT, but customs will charge VAT and/or import duties ins
Made in the Netherlands, by Poarte

Buyers information

  • How to order

    Collectibles, books and sample packages of our reproduction tiles can be ordered directly on our website by clicking the 'buy now' button. Our secure checkout processes most credit cards, PayPal, iDeal and several other payment methods. In general these type of orders are shipped the next working day. As soon as they do, you will receive all the details from us to track the progress they are making.

    Wall tiles, murals and reproductions can be ordered by making a quote request or by contacting us through our contact page. We will discuss all the details with you and move forward from there.

  • Shipping and packing

    We ship solely with premium partners such as DHL Express and FedEx Economy/Priority. Based on the delivery address, value and weight of the shipment we choose the right carrier to work with. Each shipment is fully insured and prepared with all the required documents to pass customs when ordering from outside the European Union. All our tiles are extremely well packed. We use heavy-duty cardboard boxes for small orders. Larger others are packed in wooden export crates with multiple layers of protective foam.

  • Product disclaimer

    Antique tiles
    Antique tiles are handmade, so variations in color, size and texture are to be expected. Also, due to the age of the items, small chips and signs of use are common and considered to be part of antique tiles and the overall experience. Our tiles have been rinsed and cleaned intensely, making them suitable to be reused. However, we can never guarantee that all traces of sooth, salt or other forms of pollution have completely been extracted from the tiles. We expect our customers to be aware of this matter.

    Color accuracy
    Due to the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product. We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct.

    Information on this website
    All information on this website is meant for personal usage. No right or claims can be derived from the information on this website. All modifications, changes and typing errors reserved. We do our utmost to make the information on this website as accurate and complete as possible. 'Regts - Delft Tiles' does not accept any responsibility for damage in whatever form for using this website or for the incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information on this website.
    Make sure to read the full disclaimer by clicking here.

About Regts - Delft Tiles

We are a family firm specialized in Delft tiles. Our stock covers the entire production period, which started around 1570 and ended just after 1900. If you are interested in working with us, please always feel free to get in touch.About usContact us

About us - Regts

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What to expect when working with us?
  1. High quality reclaimed tiles
    High quality reclaimed tiles

    The reclaimed Delft tiles that we sell for tiling projects are undergoing several condition checks and cleaning processes to ensure that they are in the most optimal condition to be safely reused. 

  2. Hand-picked tiles for your project
    Hand-picked tiles for your project

    All the projects we work on, whether they involve antique or reproduction tiles, are completely fine-tuned to the preferences of the client. This means that every tile in the final selection has been hand-picked by us.

  3. Excellent packing and secure shipping
    Excellent packing and secure shipping

    To make sure that our tiles arrive safely, we have a solution for any kind of shipment. From triple layered cardboard boxes for collectibles, to wooden export crates for installations of antique tiles. Always fully insured with short transit times. 

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