The history of Dutch Delft tiles in Cadiz, Spain

The history of Dutch Delft tiles in Cadiz, Spain
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For our Spanish speaking visitors the two following videos might be interesting to watch, as the local TV station ONDA Cadiz in the Spanish town of Cadiz has published two wonderful and detailed interviews with art historian Alfredo García Portillo on YouTube for their program 'ZONA HISTORIA'. During the two interviews the host and Alfredo Garcia Portillo discuss the history of Delft tiles in Cadiz and in the second video specifically about these tiles in the chapel del Nazareno. Delft tiles have always been an export product and the videos show well what happened to these tiles once they left the Netherlands. During the interview many photos are shown, but also some real antique Delft tiles are on the table and discussed.

Video 1 - ZONA HISTORIA, 04-10-2020
Azulejos Holandeses en Cádiz

Video 2 - ZONA HISTORIA, 28-11-2021
Azulejos Holandeses de la capilla del Nazareno de Cádiz

Enjoy watching!

2022-02-20 21:15:00
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