Newsletter - Tulip Mania on our website

Newsletter - Tulip Mania on our website
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The tulip season has started

Dear clients,
Last week the tulip season officialy started in the Netherlands and what better way for us to celebrate this season with some lovely new additions to our website that depict our national icon.
We have published 12 new collectibles dating from the 17th century, all with colorful tulips. Next to the collectibles we have published two new types of wall tiles; a small set of 9 early 17th century Delft tiles with 'Tulip Hearts' and a type of wall tile that depicts tulips and fritillaria in blue in diamond squares. You can find and a direct link to the tiles on our website in the overview below.
Since the start of 2021 we have been very busy with adding many new tiles to our website. Not only collectibles, but also our antique stock of murals and wall tiles is continuously expanding. There will be some very 'new' exciting additions in the days to come.

Stay well and safe,
Durk Regts

A few highlights


Tulip, c. 1650


A freckled tulip in a diamond square. Perfect condition!


Tulip, c. 1650


A colorful tulip in a Wanli inspired corner motif. Most likely made in Harlingen.


Tulip, c. 1640


A colorful tulip in a diamond square. With 'Fleur-de-Lis' corner motifs.

Tulip Heart

c. 1650


A very early 17th century tile with a fierce looking Tulip Heart. Probably Gouda.

Fritillaria and Tulips

c. 1650


New in our stock of wall tiles; the iconic tulips and fritillaria in blue in diamond squares.


c. 1630


A large colorful tulip with 'Fleur-de-lis' corner motifs. In a perfect condition.

  Tulip hearts  

Tulip Hearts

We now have this small set of 9 tiles available for sale. It are 'Tulip Hearts' dating from around 1640. The tiles are all of one firing, which means that they have been together for almost 400 years. The tiles are in a perfect condition and are sold together.

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