Update - Project Poland

Update - Project Poland
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A few weeks ago we shared the news that 'Regts - Delft Tiles' had been awarded a monumental restoration project for an 18th century house in and by the city of Gdańsk, Poland. When the project was confirmed to us, there was approximately one month available to get the tiles prepared and delivered at the project site. A lead time on 1100 antique Delft tiles of one month is in general impossible, but by prioritizing, structuring and scheduling the project perfectly, we were able to get the tiles delivered at the project site on the 4th of June 2021. The contractor started the same day with installing the first tiles.

The process on our side existed out of selecting roughly 800 tiles of each type (landscape and flower pot tiles, both 18th/19th century) at the start. By taking out the tiles that did not fit the group from a color or condition perspective, we narrowed down each selection to approximately 600 tiles. Those 600 tiles (1200 in total) were all rinsed and cleaned by hand. After that had been done, both selections were lay down on our gallery floor. It allowed us to take another 50 tiles of each type to get to the most balanced selection and the required quantity. Once both selections had been approved by the client, they were packed in cardboard boxes and placed into a large export crate. Photos of the approved selections, the packing process, the pickup and first installed tiles are available in the gallery below.

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